Not constructed as a volume, but rather as horizontal and vertical planes.

Vis, designed by Studio Kairos, is a very light cabinet which is not constructed as a volume, but rather as horizontal and vertical planes. The "openness" in this work is devised through the constructional detailing.

All the shelves are connected to each other with a chord that runs through the vertical beams. These beams are elliptical in shape, therefore suggesting a strong feeling of direction in placing. During the installation, the direction of each column section is free to the decision of the maker at that point.

One can enjoy a series of interrelations inside the context of the structural system, where the beams all end up pointing at different directions, thus creating the unique dynamism for each and single cabinet.

In this respect, Vis can be used as a storage, display and moreover as a partitioning element between neighbouring zones that accomodate different performances. The richness carries on with the selection of colours for the vertical panels, all in unison, in a mono chromatic tone or various hues. It can create another level of dynamism, after the disorderly placed, beige-white vertical beams.

The vertical panels behind each unit has a structural stance as well as providing a wall for the adjacent user. Vis cabinet programme can be used in combination with Borges working terminal, to combine an organic structure, where partitions, storing elements and desks are intermingling both visually and functionally.