A modular desk system starting with essential pieces in basic dimensions and form.

Borges, designed by Studio Kairos, is an alternative solution to the classical layout systems and grids typically composed of a tabletop in a standard dimension as the basic module. Instead of a desk module, a shelf takes the center as an axis.

From this narrower central axis, stem many elements to create a standard depth for working, a space for meeting, available in various sizes and forms, mini-worktops for tablets, and a hood for concentration. All elements placed on the central axis system, can be easily shifted and moved along the core lifeline without the use of any tools. All elements are free to slide along the central beam's connection channel that extends along the main axis. The architect, or the planner can play around with the elements of the system to create their own reference points and scale, and endeavor as many dimensions as possible using an endless variety of options in composing a "unique" work habitat around the "shelf axis". In this way a unique layout is composed for each project and place, and is not be replicated in any other. The authenticity of each composition is the result of the behavioral attitude of the open design process.