A witticism in one of our cafés: "Make four glasses of tea! Two of them yandan çarklı!"

Yandan çarklı means a glass of freshly steeped tea, slightly over half full without adding water. Although the sugar sits next to the glass, the tea is sipped either with or without the cubes of sugar. The design of the Dervish Tea Glass arouses those mischievous, devil-may-care feelings of luxury and extravagance, yet when looking inside oneself, evokes generosity, true wealth, and delight. The glass comes in a simple look or in varying designs and colours, inspired by journeys through the corners of our geography and history. Pre-historic African patterns, trails of Persian art, Arabian ornaments, a curvilinear detail from Khorsabad Palace built duringAssyrian period, The ornaments from cathedrals of Venice are rendered on Dervish teaglass sets. The Dervish Tea Glass is meant to open up moments of pleasure, a design for hosting and celebrating with enormous rewards. The Dervish Tea Glass gives meaning to the unique pleasures of tea. Bon appetite!